Post Eight – PART 2 – Minor Pentatonic

Minor pentatonic scale
Why this scale first? This scale is the main sound in rock music. It has a strong sound because it eliminates the weakest notes from the full scale. (In this case the B and F)
How do we practise this scale? First we familiarise ourselves with the fingering: first finger for the 5th fret, 3rd finger for the 7th fret and 4th finger for the 8thfret. Make sure we can play it with all down strokes and then alternate strokes meaning up and down strokes. Once you feel comfortable with this, play the scale with the lower palm of the hand over the strings to dampen the sound, we should be able to lift the palm to lessen the dampening; we do this with all down strokes and alternate up and down strokes.

This is a big lesson in itself so don’t feel you need to get it all at once. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO IT SLOWLY AND GET IT RIGHT. As you get better you slowly increase the speed. This will put you on the right track for life. Move the scale up by a tone or fret and then by two tones – we do this to get the muscles used to being able to play in any position or key signature.
Practise while standing up, and with the lights off.

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