Appendix 3 Generic Trance Format

Appendix 3

Generic Trance Format


Bars 1-16


Just drums

Bars 16-32


Elements of the drum mix are introduced

First Body

Bars 32-48


Bass line starts

The main groove is introduced

Bars 48-64


Instrumentation is introduced and build, motif is introduced

The Drop

Bars 64-72


All percussive elements bar the kick drum are dropped from the mix, the motif continues with a closed filter. By the fourth bar percussive elements are gradually introduced as the filter on the motif gradually opens up. This indicates that the track is coming back in full swing, building expectation.

Second Body

Bars 72-88


A crash symbol at the last beat of the drop signifies a new section where a new motif is introduced, both being greatly effected through filtering.

Bars 88-104


Filters open giving the sense that the track is building, percussion builds top and tail this section.

The Drop

Bars 104-108


A crash symbol cuts the music leaving only the motif and the track builds again.

The Reprise                          Bars 108-116


A snare roll builds up over the eight bars, builds to full intensity.

The Main Body

Bars 116-148


All the instruments play together; this is “used to drive the message of the track home” (Snoman 2004, 49-51).

Bars 148-180


Snare embellishments are added

The Outro

Bars 180-196


One of the motifs is dropped after a crash and the other is slowly filtered out leaving only the bass and percussion.

Bars 196-212


The bass is dropped out leaving just the percussion to be mixed with the next track for transition.

Table 3: Generic Trance format from ‘The Dance Music Manual’ (Snoman. 2004. 49-51).

The formation of the creative work involved the practical application of the information gathered from the interviews. The work evolved in response to attempts to implement DJ techniques rather than as a response to comment from industry practitioners, although these also informed the practice.


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