Selected Discography

Manarays – Get Lucky – BNE130406
The Queensland Choir – Treemonisha – QPAC 050810
The 2005 Queensland Musical Festival and Australian Youth Orchestra – Tristan und Isolde – with Lisa Gasteen as Isolde – QPAC 050730
The Queensland Chamber Choir – Hear My Prayer – St Johns Cathedral 050709
MOST 05 – The Scholarship Program for Musically Outstanding Students, QPAC 050623
Christopher Wrench – Great Organ Works of JS Bach
Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra
Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra and Queensland Wind and Brass
Queensland University Musical Society and Pro Musica
the best of the fRET fEST, (15 various artists) recorded live at the Jubilee Hotel
Grumpy, Four Grumpy Songs, GR1001
The Splatterheads, Ink of a mad Man’s Pen,Waterfront DAMP120
The Splatterheads, Filthy Mile, Splatterrock SR01, MX301935.
Trudy Kerr with guitarist Carl Orr, Jazzizit JITCD 9817
The Upsets, The Upsets at Abby Road
Various talking books including Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol with Tom Baker
Vocal Lizard, Loose,Hard to Beat Compilation, AU-GO-GO Records
The Mungabeans, A Much Sweeter Gag, independent.
Asylum, Home Sweet Home, Lets Pretend, Waterfront Records,
Tall Shirts, Great Snakes! Its the, Red Eye Records, RED LP6
The Moffs, The Dolphin & I, Entomology
Voodoo Lust, New Orleans, A Minute to Midnight-Compilation,
Voodoo Lust, Stop breaking my heart b/w gossip,
Voodoo Lust, Shake shake hey yeah! b/w no no no no,
Voodoo Lust EP, Rattlesnake Records, RAT12-05
Pre-production for Chris Morrow, (The Numbers)
Recordings for Dum Dum Boys and The Skeletons
Australia My Homeland, Claire Atkin, Independent Gold Record, Scorpion – 1984
Netz’s Silver Comets, Carolina Moon, Scorpion Records SRLP 001.
The Headstones, Waterfront Records MX212835 On the Waterfront Vol.3.


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