JMC Academy


Major international recording artist and Eminem’s Shady Records supergroup Slaughterhouse, recorded and penned their first single together with Adrian Carroll at JMC Academy. 

This was an important venture for JMC and showed the studios could function at an international standard. All the team acted totally professionally and as a result we are able to improve our workflow and technical approach. I was really impressed with studio 4 as a vocal room. It still needs to be treated cautiously so you don’t record too much of the environment but you don’t need to screen out the room to get a good vocal sound. We recorded the vocal through a U87 with pop screen and mic guard with absorbent baffles behind the microphone but keeping the space fairly open. We decided to do this for video access but the acoustic result as far as room acoustics to direct was precise. The U87 went through an Avalon pre-amplifier and was compressed through the UA1176 with either 4:1 or 8:1 depending on the performer with 4 to 6 db gain reduction. This was then slight tucked in further in the mix in Pro Tools with a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 with 3 dB gain reduction to sit with the backing track. The result was a very solid recording very powerful and very clear with fantastic ambiance courtesy of studio 4’s acoustic environment.



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